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Ovejas Sóller siguiendo a su líder

I posted some photos i had taken on my walk across the mountains from Soller to Diea. The scenes change over what is a leisurely 3 hour walk. At first we have a steep climb on a stone track that winds up the mountain to Ca Xoc, a boutique little hotel we once stayed in many years ago when we first came together to Soller. Then we go through a wooded path before we start the long descent into the beautiful mountain village of Diea which is famous for its artists, Robert Graves and of course part of the filming of 'The Night Manager'. You see lots of sheep at both ends of the walk, or you at least hear the clanging of their bells.

Our good friend Shannon Wray commented on one photo that i should paint it and add it to y sheep collection. The next day was to be my last before returning to England, but is was overcast and a Sunday so i adapted the photograph and painted it.

Acrylic on canvas 50cm x 49cm

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