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Thames Art Exhibition

One of my favourite contemporary artists is Trevor Chamberlain. We have a work of his and allows follow his exhibitions. If only we had some spare wall space!

He belongs to the The Wapping Group of artists who have long painted scenes of the Thames and captured life along the length of the river from the estuary to the upper Thames. Boats, bridges, iconic buildings, boatyards and people. The group was established in the late 40s and has included all media and has many acclaimed current artists in their number.

I will be going to the opening and private viewing of their 74th Exhibition on the 9th March and from Tuesday 10th March and Sunday 15th the exhibition will be open to the public and held at the Mall Galleries on the Mall in London. Works will be for sale at very reasonable prices and it is well worth a visit and maybe a purchase.

Click below to see some of the paintings on exhibition.

To learn more and see more of their work visit


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