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Cafe life on thge terrace of Cafe Soller

It strange but every cafe I paint closes!

Cappuccino in the Port Soller closed and not coming back.

Cappuccino in Valldermossa in the central location closed.

Now Cafe Soller in the heart of the town and on the main square in the prim elocation at the start of Calle Luna, close and not coming back.

I must not paint any more cafe scenes! I appear to be the stroke of doom.

However, I loved painting this scene in which I try to capture the laid back life and cafe life of Mallorca. We always loved this cafe and in winter it gave us heaters and warm blankets. In summer it gave us shade and sun and always it gave us people to watch and friends to say hello to. I must not forget the newspapers which it let you borrow and read and the hunt for the one English paper The Daily Telegraph. It was easy to spot the Britsh from the Germans from the many others - it was looking to see what they were reading.

The cafe inside was big and probably twice the size of others but unless there was something special on the Sports TVs or the depths of winter it was sparsly used. I remeber watching World Cup football and big European games there and it was interesting when any English team were playing either a German or Spanish side.

Finally I think originally it was going to be a gallery and cafe but the large and modern paintings remained pinned to the walls and offered little against the Sports TVs.

I hope someone comes in soon to take this prime slot over and not that the Hotel Villa has already started to place its tables on the vacated taerrace.

Now which cafe shall i paint next?

Acrylic on canvas 61cm x 50 cm


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