"Having had a successful business carear ending up writing some 2500 articles and speaking on digitisation around the world I have always felt more comfortable with images than words.

On a holiday a few years ago i picked up a pencil and notepad and found myself drawing the vista from my room in a Parador in Spain. On returning home I found myself drawing everything but knew I wanted to express in colour, which I hadn't done since school.

People, friends and family featured heavily in my watercolours but I found the media was dictating more of what I painted than me.

I then found a large blank framed canvas some 6 foot by 5 foot and knew I had to do something and express myself. I created 'Big Birds Flying Across the Sky', partly in respect to the great First Nations art I had been introduced to by our good Canadian friend Dr Duke Redbird. Acrylic became my favourite media and the rest is here to see.


I hope you enjoy the art as much as I did creating them."

Sadly, Martyn died suddenly and unexpectedly in December 2020. His friends and family have funded a Wellness Garden near his home in London for mentally and physically challenged local patients to enjoy the safety and haven of nature in his own specially designed allotment garden.