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African Shona Sculpture

A few years back Annie and I went to Chelsea flower show and ended up buying a huge stone sculpture!

Sounds weird to buy a sculpture at a flower show and one that sits no in a garden but indoors in our London apartment. But to be honest it just blew us away when we saw it and without thinking about where we would house it we bought it.

We then decided there was a perfect location in our dinning area in the window looking out on to the Thames but what were we going to stand it on as it was not only huge but also weighed a ton. Delivery was delayed whilst we deliberated and we thought it would be great to have it floating on a clear see through stand. The next challenge was to find one and then there were very few clear acrylic plinths of the size and style available and most were smaller and for retail displays etc. So we ended up getting one made and when it arrived we just knew it was perfect in size and look so we got the sculpture delivered.

It came crated and on a trolley which was to be expected but also with two delivery guys who obviously knew something we didn't appreciate - it weighed a ton! Three of us gingerly and with some effort lifted onto the plinth adjusted its position as it wasn't going anywhere fast and was probably to reside there for many years! But the beauty of the carving and powerful shape came to life suspended on the clear plinth, in the sunshine and backed by the glass aspect and view behind.

The carving was Shona scuplture from Zimbabwe and reminding us of the Inuit carvings we had and enjoyed. How on earth got it from Africa to the UK is another story. I keep expecting a ring on the door and Robert Mugabe to be standing there demanding the repatriation of their art, but by promoting these indigenous artists and Shona carving in particular, they are introducing the work to a new audience and doing everyone a great service.

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