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Three works in One Setting

We bought this Init Whale Disc sculpture from our sadly departed friend Bernie who had a Native Art Store at the end of McCall in Toronto. Each time we went we brought back Inuit carvings mostly in stone and each time we spent time in the store which was just down the road from are apartment. The store has now gone and our apartment is rented out but we have a constant reminder if those happy times in our London flat.

The sculpture is by an unknown artist but is pure fun with a happy smiling First Nation face on one side and a dancing Walrus on the other. We constantly turn it around to see an appreciate the other side.

Now you may ask why three works in one as i have only described two?

Well the answer is the plinth which was part of a pair that we were going to throw away when we moved warehouse. They had been the table legs to an old dining table we we long donated to Bibliophile and frankly we questioned what we could do with them. I refused to part with something that had potential and set about finding a top piece to match the black acrylic sides. It wasn't easy as they aren't circular or oval and trying to give exact measurements over the internet was not working. Then quiet by accident i stumbled across an acrylic service company just around the corner and effectively hidden to all. They did the business with some 3 mm high gloss acrylic and we now have two matching plinths which frankly i regard as works in their own right - just try buying some like them!

Some we have First Nation carving art with two sides to it sitting on modern furniture art in our modernist apartment in London.

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