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'Burro bajo los robles soller'

When i was on one of my long walks up the mountains last week i came across a small herd of Donkeys who were having a break under the Spanish Oak trees on the terraces. One stood out as he was almost white and clearly thought himself as special. The others were the usual motley brown and dark grey but this one was like a palomino amongst - donkeys!

These donkeys have a hard life like taxis they spend their time waiting for their next fare. Maybe building materials, logs, timber, or simply anything heavy or awkward to carry up and down the mountain paths. There are no roads, and few cart tracks just beaten old paths which have been around for centuries.

The oak trees are very different to the English Oak we all know with a different bark, very different leaves which are darker and shaped somewhere between a flat holly and a weeping fig shape, but you can't mistake the fruit lying on the floor. Little acorns albeit without their little cup.

Acrylic on Canvas 50cm x 40cm Oct 2017

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