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Inspirational Artists: The English Watercolour - Trevor Chamberlian

Once again Stocksbridge Art Gallery introduced me to Trevor Chamberlain's works and I acquired two watercolours; one of yachts on the mud flats of Essex and the other of a country road in the suburbs shaded by trees. Both impressed me but both were lost as part of a divorce settlement. Years later Annie and I went to an exhibition of his just off Court Road and we met Trevor and were torn between a work of Greenwich from Island Gardens Park and the other of Tower Bridge and the London Pool over the Harpy.

We chose the London Pool but both were meaningful to us.

Trevor was born in Hertford in 1933 and has had no formal Art School training working initially as an Architect’s Assistant and did not begin to paint professionally until 1964. He is a Member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and an active member of the Wapping Group who paint along the Thames his subjects of interest are marine, figure, town and landscape. He has particular emphasis on atmosphere and light and creates powerful atmospheres in his works He paints alla prima from life, using oils and watercolours.

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