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Inspirational Artists: The English Watercolour - John Yardley

I remember the first real artwork i bought was a Yardley watercolour of a vase of flowers which i bought in the presence of the man himself in a small gallery in Stocksbridge, Hampshire. I soon had 3 more watercolours and two large oils. The prices rose significantly over a relatively short period but remain remarkable good value. About 15 months ago i bought yet another Large watercolour which i really like a lot.

John Yardley was born in Beverly in 1933 and worked in Banking and was a self taught artist influenced heavily by the likes of Seago.

Watercolour is often regarded by many as the most demanding of mediums. It takes confidence and skill to control washes and highlights create light and shade and Yardley does this with apparent ease. However, i really love his oil paintings as much if not more as he can take that skill of capturing light and transform it to the oild medium.

Since John began painting full-time over 30 years ago he has achieved national recognition for his distinctive watercolours through one-man and group exhibitions and books. His son Bruce follows in his footsteps but ...

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