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Inspirational Artists: Peter Scott

Having written about Keith Shackleton i need to also write about Peter Scott whose work i also discovered on the first visit to Louis and |Shelia's apartment in Bath.

However, having visited a friend in Monmouth shire we were driving back to Bath the next day and decided to visit the quaint town of Ludlow on route. The market stalls were out and we were soon browsing the used book stall and came across two cloth bound 1930 books by Peter Scott about his early life fishing, shooting, sailing and painting on the Boards. The books themselves were in very good condition and for a few pounds were soon under my arm. The colour plates and line drawings were superb and for many months i thought about approaching his estate and the Wetlands Trust about publishing a quality limited slipcase edition of the two books. It never happened but I did acquire a further two copies of the books just in case!

Sir Peter Markham Scott, CH, CBE, DSC & Bar, FRS, FZS (14 September 1909 – 29 August 1989) was a British ornithologist, conservationist, painter, naval officer, broadcaster and sportsman.

Scott was born in London, the only child of Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott and sculptor Kathleen Bruce. He was only two years old when his father died. Robert Scott, in a last letter to his wife, advised her to "make the boy interested in natural history if you can; it is better than games."[3][4] He was named after Sir Clements Markham, mentor of Scott's polar expeditions, and his godfather was J. M. Barrie, creator of Peter Pan.

Scott was knighted in 1973 for his contribution to the conservation of wild animals. He had been a founder of the World Wide Fund for Nature, founded the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (November 1946), and was an influence on international conservation. He received the WWF Gold Medal and the J. Paul Getty Prize for his work.

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