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Inspirational Artists: Edward Hopper

Hopper was born in 1882 in Upper Nyack, New York, a yacht-building centre on the Hudson River. We all associate Hopper with New England white clapperboard houses, but he started off as an illustrator and poster maker and it wasn't until 1923 that he first got any recognition. His ‘Two on the Aisle’ (1927) sold for a personal record $1,500 and enabled him to purchase a car, which he used to make field trips to remote areas of New England.

During the Great Depression his reputation and stature grew and his work was bought major museums for thousands of dollars. In 1930, the Hoppers rented a cottage on Cape Cod in South Truro, Massachusetts returning every summer for the and building their summer house there in 1934. From there, they would take driving trips into other areas when Edward needed to search for fresh material to paint. In the early 1940s, he producing many of his important works New York Movie (1939), Girlie Show (1941), Nighthawks (1942), Hotel Lobby (1943), and Morning in a City (1944).

His style of capturing light and mood and keeping the composition simple engages with many and tells a story of a time we can all relate to even though we weren’t there.

I remember Annie acquiring stock of his complete works in a four volume slip case. To say it was snapped up by her customers was an understatement but she couldn’t get any more and i even gave up my copy to help. She knew I loved his work and a short time later she presented me with the same slip cased 4 volume set that she had got from her good friends within the trade. Thanks Annie.

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