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Inspirational Artists - Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven

Yesterday i spoke of Lawren Harris and the group of Seven from Canada, today i wish to share another from this group that pioneered art in the Canadian Wilderness and inspired many to follow their lead. Tom Thomson was regarded by many to be the leader of the Group of Seven and before his premature death in 1917 had established himself and it was after his death that the group was formed and their talents recognised.

In the beginning they undertook journeys to the extremes of the vast land of Canada.

Having experienced the Rockies and British Columbia, our good friend Duke Redbird's estate at Bart Lake just outside Algonquin and spent time in the cottage land on the lakes one appreciates the beauty, vastness and colours that still exist today and can only imagine the impression it made on the group some 100 years ago.

Thomson painted many lake and landscapes around Georgian Bay and Algonquin and his ability to capture the rawness of the terrain, the harshness of the weather and wind and the array of colours sky, sea and land offered is a testament to his ability.

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