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Inspirational Artists - Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven

In Canada the Group of Seven are a well know group of artists who at the beginning of the last century captured the essence of Canada both the land and cityscape and well as the people. Their style was mixed but did much to explore the wilderness and bring it to the masses.

Today i want to share just one of the artists of the group - Lawren Harris. Harris is probably the best known today to many for his endless and stark paintings of the mountains, lakes and endless skies which have become poster art to many.

However, before this he painted some brilliant pictures of snowscapes, landscapes and even cityscapes.

The North shore of Lake Superior provided Harris with the first of his revelatory spiritual landscapes on his journey to the Artic.

His style was simple but his capturing of light and shade and ability to express a scene is a talent we all strive to emulate in our own way. Harris was alone in how he pioneered his expressionism and is certainly a master much underestimated.

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