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New Art Installation

I apologise that I haven't been productive over this Winter period. It is about to change as I have two paintings that I am currently working on and a creative break in Soller in February with the intent of painting more. Can't wait to establish a cache of paint and canvases in Soller and i am sure inspiration will flow.

This Art Installation is more about Salvage and Reclamation than anything else. When we visit our friends at Fawley Hall I am always amazed at the volume of salvage that Sir William McAlpine collects. Obviously there's the railway and museum but hidden away in his woods with their animals he has a treasure trove of salvage. There's the original Roundhouse ceiling frame and masonry salvage of all sizes and shapes from projects such as the redevelopment of St Pancras Station. I personally love the electricity sub station Bakelite pillars he has erected next the the railway line and the massive stone railway arch.

So when our building's front door was being replaced I grabbed the glass etched sign before it hit the skip. It may mean little to others, but weights a ton and now has been installed framed and lit to make a statement in our London apartment and lights up wonderfully at night.

Too much is skipped without a thought and cleaning it up and just re purposing it often makes the difference between land fill and something special.

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