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Las cabras montesas de Valldemossa saben de quién es el jefe! (Mountain goats in Valldemossa know wh

One of the most exhilarating walks on the GR221 trail across the Tramuntana mountains in Northern Majorca is between Valldemossa and Diea. It is a very steep accent to the clouds and once on top all the island is almost visable. On a clear day it is magic, on a cloudy day it is one to miss and on a rainy day forget it altogether. There are mountain goats who own the top and are not afraid to stand their ground and stare you out with those evil eyes.

The descent to Deia can be confusing as you twist and turn down what at times can appear a sheer cliffe and at others a dense wood. Signposts are few and the path can be confusing but the experience is great.

Valldemossa sits proud at the top of a valley and has houses going back centuries and Chopin and George Sand spent time there. Deia is the artist village made famous by Robert Graves and latterly 'The Night Manager' It sits on a rock like a Tuscan hilltop village looking down on its Calla.

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